Successful Self-Publishing: How To Self-Publish An Ebook And Print Book

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Includes DRM free mobi and ePub files. Updated April 2017.

Do you want to successfully self-publish?

There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many
self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile.

Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for
self-publishing, and they don't know which one to choose or what will be
best for their book.

Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I've spent the last seven years self-publishing bestselling fiction
and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a
full-time author entrepreneur. I've made lots of mistakes along the way,
but through the process of self-publishing 17 books, I've learned the
most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I'll
share everything with you.

The book includes:

- What you need to know before you self-publish

- Why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea

- How to format an ebook

- Exclusivity and going direct

- How to self-publish an ebook

- Why self-publish a print book

- Print-on-demand will change your life

- What you need to know before you print

- How to self-publish a print book

- What to do if you want help with the publishing process

- After self-publishing

- How much does it cost to self-publish?

- How do you get paid when you self-publish?

- Book marketing principles

- How to market fiction

- How to market non-fiction

Plus, links to more useful resources.